Management Reports
Management Reports

Management reports are a component of NCCD’s suite of data analysis and report writing services and are used by agencies committed to using data to drive and describe decision making at the organizational level. NCCD’s management reports combine data analysis expertise with extensive knowledge in a variety of social service and justice fields to help agencies monitor service delivery, identify service gaps, estimate workload, detect trends, and provide clear descriptions of agency operations to stakeholders and funding bodies.

Management reports are based on case- or individual-level agency administrative data, which are compiled, summarized, and synthesized into charts, graphs, and tables accompanied by clear, concise descriptions, culminating in a series of recommendations to improve performance. When case-level data are aggregated to the organizational level, these data can help agencies monitor program implementation and ongoing fidelity, identify system issues, formulate policy and procedure recommendations, and provide useful information for policy, program, and budget decision making. The reports are not just data; we show you how to use the data.

Management reports provide agency managers and administrators with a summary of agency activity over a given time period, including a comprehensive description of client populations served and agency decisions at critical points throughout the service delivery system. They can also include an examination of critical outcome measures, such as rates of child maltreatment recurrence, elder abuse, delinquency, or criminal recidivism. These outcome measures are increasingly important, as they provide early indicators of program success and are typically used by internal staff and external funding sources to monitor effectiveness.

NCCD produces management reports for child protective services agencies including examining the service-delivery system and efforts to support placement stability for children in foster care; adult protective services for victims of self-neglect, exploitation, or abuse; and child maltreatment prevention efforts for families receiving public financial assistance through Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) programs. Management reports are produced quarterly, semi-annually, or annually.

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