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SafeMeasures is an analytic service that helps improve agency staff effectiveness by taking raw data from an agency’s case management system and turning it into useful, actionable information presented in an easy-to-use, easy-to-understand format. This information can be used at all levels of an agency to communicate and reinforce expectations, prioritize work, and identify gaps in service.

As a trusted partner in an agency’s efforts to improve outcomes, the SafeMeasures analytics team works with agency staff to create a collaborative environment focused on solving problems. Our team of acclaimed analysts, researchers, and practitioners brings their expertise and experience to the table to help the agency and its staff achieve desired outcomes.

The core of SafeMeasures’ problem-solving approach is the understanding that positive outcomes are the result of actively and effectively managing practice. This cannot be done by looking backward at outcomes from 3, 6, or 12 months ago. The most direct path to improvement is to monitor what is happening now by making specific, frequently updated indicators of current status available on all staff desktops.

What makes the SafeMeasures approach unique is that it goes beyond creating graphs and tables. SafeMeasures shows each person the current status of each and every case for which he/she is responsible. This gives all users the ability to check the results for each and every case. If a user believes that one of his/her cases is being misreported, the SafeMeasures team will work with him/her to determine why the case classified the way it was, modifying the analysis if appropriate. Not only does this give workers a vested interest in the accuracy of the underlying data and the way they are reported, it also helps the agency discover gaps in practice, plan training, and identify issues in the data going into the case management system. 

SafeMeasures makes a difference. As the California Department of Social Services stated in a recent report to the federal government:

"With SafeMeasures, managing performance shifts from using data based on limited randomized samples, to an analysis of data from CWS/CMS [California’s SACWIS] for all cases in near-real time ... social workers, supervisors, and managers connect with the data entered into CWS/CMS as they use the SafeMeasures tool to identify problem cases before they turn into negative outcomes."

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When it comes to performance management, SafeMeasures is the tool to have. For measuring everything from child contacts to federal measures to assessment completion and analysis, there is no other report system as accurate, detailed, or user-friendly. 

Dick SantaCruz
Office of the Chief Deputy Director
Los Angeles County, CA, USA

[SafeMeasures'] support to improve the state's capacity and expertise in collecting and analyzing data was a huge part of what made transformation successful. Virginia went from having no useful statewide system to one that was delivering excellent data to all localities across the state. 

Annie E. Casey Foundation
“Back on Track: Transforming Virginia’s Child Welfare System”
Page 12

SafeMeasures has been an incredible tool for staff at all levels of the agency. It has really brought the concept of "data-driven" management to life in the areas of case management activities. 

Scott Reiner
Regional Program Manager
Virginia Department of Juvenile Justice