Applying Restorative Justice Practices in the Pre-Adjudication Context
Applying Restorative Justice Practices in the Pre-Adjudication Context
November 1, 2012 | 11:45am - 01:30pm PDT |  Madison, WI
Speaker(s): Sujatha Baliga, Director of Restorative Justice Projects, NCCD
Pete DeWind, Director, University of Wisconsin Law School Restorative Justice Project

This panel discussion focused on restorative justice practices in the pre-adjudication context, both locally and nationally. Restorative justice encourages constructive responses to wrongdoing by bringing those who have harmed, their victims, and affected communities into processes that repair the harm and rebuild relationships. Ms. Baliga presented "RJ 101" as well as an update on NCCD's restorative justice work at the national level. Prof. DeWind described the UW Law School Restorative Justice Project and its work at the local level. Time for Q&A will be offered after the presentations. 

Sujatha BaligaSujatha Baliga is the Director of Restorative Justice Projects for NCCD. Her work is characterized by an equal dedication to victims and persons accused of crime. A former victim’s advocate and public defender, Ms. Baliga was awarded a Soros Justice Fellowship in 2008, which she used to spearhead a successful restorative juvenile diversion program in Alameda County, CA. As the former director of Community Justice Works, she expanded and institutionalized the program she began through her Soros Fellowship. Ms. Baliga has served as a consultant to the Stanford Criminal Justice Center, has taught restorative justice to undergraduate and law students, and is a frequent guest lecturer at academic institutions and conferences.

Pete DeWindPete DeWind joined the clinical faculty of the Frank J. Remington Center in May 1991. As Director of the Restorative Justice Project, Prof. DeWind supervises students in facilitating face-to-face meetings or other forms of contact between victims and offenders, usually in cases involving severe violence. The Restorative Justice Project focuses on victim-initiated communication involving felony offenders and their victims, in conjunction with the Wisconsin Department of Corrections’ Office of Victim Services and Programs.

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